Experience the seasonal news

Experience the seasonal news




DAY ET has an extensive selection of bags and accessories

DAY ET has got every bag you could dream of; shop crossbody bags, cosmetic bags, shoulder bags, leather bags, travel bags, computer bags, bum bags, baby bags and backpacks on the official DAY ET online store. There is no excuse not to find your next bag that can shine a whole new light on the clothes you have. Pick between classic bags that go with every outfit or choose on our seasonal styles and prints, and you will have a bag to keep up with the trends.

Besides bags, DAY ET also has a wide selection of beautiful accessories. A soft and warm scarf can make the winter more comfortable where our stylish gloves will keep your hands warm. A DAY ET wallet will keep your cards together in a fashionable way. A wide selection of ponchos and raincoats will make you enjoy layering up. While scarves, gloves and ponchos are for winter and fall, visors and sun hats will make the summer perfect. There will always be something here for you.